Lunch Time For The Sprit

Torbernite; Margabal, Aveyron, France


Torbernite; Margabal, Aveyron, France


commensal shrimp on crinoid. by Hung & Pan

Pearl Spotted Owl by Justin Klusener


Pearl Spotted Owl by 


The naturalists’ miscellany : or Coloured figures of natural objects; drawn and described immediately from nature. on Flickr.

By Shaw, George, 1751-1813 
Nodder, Elizabeth
Nodder, Frederick Polydore,
Publication info London :Printed for Nodder & co,1789.
Contributing Library:
Museum Victoria
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The Dancing White Lady is a great, big spider from the Namib Desert in southern Africa.

They spend their days hidden in underground burrows and emerge at night to hunt for insects and lizards which they find by detecting the vibrations of footsteps.

These hunting expeditions occur within a short range of the burrow entrance, but males can travel over 100 metres in search of a mate.

He communicates with the female via the timeless medium of dance. Tapping the ground outside her burrow sends down vibrations that ask her to come out, but not eat him. She doesn’t always oblige…

…Images: James Anderson

The Lions Sleep Tonight

The Lions Sleep Tonight


HH | Tomas Kotouc



Amazonian royal flycatchers are typically drab-looking brown birds. During courtship, however, both sexes display a brightly colored crest that is normally hidden from view. It is rare among birds for both males (red) and females (yellow) to have such colorful markings.

Image credit: Andrew Snyder

Hey baby, wanna see my crest?


Lady Fossa by Mike Wilson

Did you know? The modern mongoose and the fossa evolved from the same ancestor, which arrived on Madagascar about 21 million years ago. Learn more.